IMPORTANT: These days, we'll make sure you receive your Asteraki at home - with free shipping as always, but visits to the show-room will be BY APPOINTMENT ONLY. This way, we can be sure that everything is done right, that there is enough time to prepare the carriers to try on and only one baby is here at any time. Let's stay safe! Call us to book an appointment.

We'll be very happy to meet you in person! Let's arrange an appointment for you to try on Asteraki slings or to get help in order to use the Asteraki carrier you already own.
First, take the following into account; it will help make this consulation a pleasant and fruitful experience.

Ραντεβού για εκπαίδευση ή επίδειξη για τ' ΑστεράκιαDaily, 10:00-14:00

Consultation meetings take place Monday to Friday, from 10:00 to 14:00. 

At this time, we are not able to offer consultations during weekends or in the afternoon.

Come with your baby

If you are currently pregnant, you might be able to try on a carrier using our special model-dolls (they have the right weight, natural flexibility and require head support, just like a newborn baby).

If you already have your baby, you should definitely bring her along! Consultations are by appointment only, so there aren't going to be other babies around. Of course, your partner is welcome, whether he/she intends to babywear or not!

20 to 60 mins

Διαλέγοντας μάρσιπο wrapConsultations should never last more than an hour. You will learn so much at this meeting! After 60 minutes, your brain will stop absorbing new information, and both you and your baby will get tired. You'd rather make a new appointment on a different day, than get confused with too many new things to take in.
The duration of your consultation meeting will depend on the type of carrier you want to try on, on whether you're pregnant or you came with your baby, on whether your partner also wants to try something on, etc. Sometimes, 20 minutes are enough time, but very rarely would a meeting last less than that.

Be on time

We do realize that with a new baby, one may encounter unforseen difficulties while getting ready for an outing. However, keep in mind that another appointment might be booked right after yours, so, if you're late, you may not get the time you need, after all. Try to look at it like an appointment with your pediatrician, where you need to be on time - and we promise we won't keep you waiting!
If, for some reason, you need to cancel your appointment, please let us know as soon as possible, so that we may give this slot to somebody else tyring to book a consultation.

Come prepared

Your consultation meeting will be so much more helpful if you 've done your research in advance. First of all, read our "Frequently Asked Questions" page,  ready about the type of carrier you 're interested in wearing and take a look at some of the relevant videos. (Even if they don't mean much to you without actually having a carrier, you will find that they really help you understand faster the moves you 'll have to make).
If your baby nurses and you wish to try a breastfeeding position, wear clothing that you would normally wear in order to nurse.

Set goals

Διαλέγοντας μάρσιπο mei taiYou should set a goal for the result of your consulation in advance, so that you can later evaluate its outcome. Take a look at some examples of realistic goals:
- I don't know which is the most suitable carrier for me. I would like to try all four types, so that I have an idea of how each one feels on me and how I like wearing it.
- I want to learn how to correctly wear one type of carrier in one or two basic positions.
- I already have an Asteraki and I want to check how I'm using it, have some questions answered and/or learn more positions.
- I can't decide between two types of carriers. I want to wear both and compare. I want to learn basic principles about the one that best suits me.
- I have questions about the baby's positioning or safety and I would like to discuss them with a trained Consultant.

You should keep in mind that becoming an expert at all four types of carriers in one cosultation wouldn't be a realistic goal. Besides, you wouldn't become an expert babywearer just by receiving one meeting's training. It's the day-to-day, hands-on practice that will make you a babywearer!

Free for Asterakia

Μαμά εκεί που είναι τ' ΑστεράκιαAll consulations are free of charge for Asteraki slings. Not only are we happy to answer any question you may have, but we also have the obligation to make sure that you can use your Asteraki safely and comfortably.
These babywearing consultations are not offered for slings by other manufacturers. They may seem similar, but, more often than not, they actually aren't. More than nine years of experience have proved that little details can significantly determine the way you feel wearing your sling, as well as the way you should handle it.
If you own a sling that is not an Asteraki and you need help, you could come in one of our open babywearing meetings (not individual appointments) where a general babywearing discussion is held, regardless of brands/types/manufacturers. Find out about next open meetings here.

Are you sure you need an appointment?

If you only want to see (and touch) the fabrics in person, or if you wish to pick up or shop for an Asteraki carrier, you probably don't need an appointment with our trained consultant. You can visit our showroom and you'll be assisted by other members of our team. You only need an appointment if you need to see a trained, extremely experienced, Babywearing Consultant.

If you wish to buy an Asteraki sling as a gift, there is really no point in receiving training yourself, thinking that you would be able to transfer the knowledge to the person who 'll be wearing it. If the gift recepient is not able to attend the consultation, they would have more to learn by watching a video intended for them, or by arranging a consultation via skype.

Remember: It is quite different to know how to wear your baby than to be able to teach somebody else how to wear their baby. After all, most members of our team are babywearers, but only one of them is a trained babywearing consultant.

Most days, it will be easy to find a free slot for a consultation. Sometimes, all appointments may be booked well in advance. But, keep in mind that our e-shop is open 24 hours a day and 7 days a week and shipping is free throughout Greece.