Age and weight limits

All Asteraki slings are suitable for newborns as well as for older babies, up to the age of toddlerhood.

Great for newborn babies

You may use your sling from day one with your newborn baby. In fact, it is the best way to soothe a baby, to help her be calm and at ease. Your baby feels your body warmth, your heartbeat, your breathing, your movement. In many ways, it’s like imitating the environment in the womb.

Excellent for growing babies

As long as you need to hold your baby, you will love wearing her. Your baby will focus her energy on learning, being happy and comfortable in your arms, while you can go on with your everyday activities. When you wear your baby, you offer her the chance to develop new skills, while watching you interact with other people, seeing everything at eye-level, feeling movement and building muscle tone.

Fantastic with older babies

You may wear your baby as long as it is pleasant for both of you. It’s not a matter of how much weight your sling can take but rather a matter of how much weight your body can bear to carry. If you start with a newborn, wearing your baby every day, as she gains weight, you may be surprised at how easily you end up wearing her as a toddler, hardly realizing that she has reached 15 or 18 kgs. There are situations when it may be necessary to carry a heavy toddler, either at the end of a long walk, or at a place that’s too crowded for small children, or even when you both just need to cuddle for a while. If you wear your sling correctly, you will surely find it more comfortable than carrying your child in your arms. Back carries (especially with a mei tai) could be a very comfortable choice for hours, even with a big, heavy baby.