Babywearing Safety

Babywearing is safe and wonderful when practiced correctly. It’s a technique that you must learn and there are rules to be followed.

Please read the instructions manual that came with your carrier. Also watch the videos either online, or on the DVD that you may have received with your carrier. They contain valuable information for using your carrier with safety.

Make sure that your baby’s chin is about  2,5 cm (1 inch) away from his/her chest, and never let your baby curl too much towards his/her tummy, so that the airway is open and the baby breathes regularly and effortlessly.

Make sure that the fabric of the carrier covers your baby at least up to his or her knees. In seated position the knees should be at least at the same height or higher than his or her bottom, so that the baby sits comfortably in the carrier in a deep squat position. Letting your babies knees dangle lower than bottom height, it is only friction that keeps the baby on you and this is not safe.

Besides, carefully positioning your baby in your Asteraki sling, is not only a matter of safety, but also a matter of comfort for the baby. Please watch the following video for a nice visualisation of what it feels like for your baby to be in a sling:

Use caution when you bend down or sit while you wear your baby. Be extra careful when you use your carrier on your back, especially when turning in narrow places (like through a door).

Check your carrier every time before using it, to make sure that it is in a good condition. If you find any damage, don’t use it.

Don’t use your carrier in a moving car (use a car seat instead), near open flame or sharp objects, while cooking, while doing sports or swimming, on a bicycle or bike.

In order to become familiar with new carrying positions, try them out with a doll first and proceed with your baby when you feel confident.