Babywearing: A great parenting tool

tired baby sleeping in sling

tired baby sleeping in slingOur babies are born completely helpless and totally dependent on our care. If you have a young baby, you must have noticed: babies need to be held and looked after constantly.

Yet, there are times when this can feel a bit overwhelming. Maybe you’ve thought “If I am to hold my baby all day long, I won’t be able to get anything else done”! And there are times when it’s just simply exhausting.

Babywearing could be the solution! Carrying your baby in a sling, you’ll be offering her what she needs and still be able to do other things.

Babywearing has been around for centuries, in all societies and at all times, because there has always been the same need: happy babies and comfortable parents.

Slings are indeed a great tool. When we wear our babies in a sling, our heartbeat soothes them, our movement calms them down, our body warmth relaxes them. It’s a fantastic way to put a newborn to sleep, it’s an excellent aid for colics, it’s a wonderful help with twins or babies with reflux. Babywearing can be very practical when breastfeeding and so helpful when dealing with chores around the house.

Carrying your happy baby while at the same time carrying on with your everyday life can be very simple. All it takes is soft fabric and love!