About us

Let us introduce the team behind Asteraki Slings:

Dimitris, a.k.a. "the silent power".

DIMITRISHe's the contact with the providers (of fabric, rings, packaging, manuals, machines), he deals with all financial and tax issues, as well as logistics, shipping and packing.

He's a morning person, he'd rather get up at 5 in the morning, along with Eliana (they're quite a team), he can't stay up late at nights (and he dislikes snuggling in bed in the mornings, not even on Sundays).

He doesn't do housework, but he's the only one who takes out the garbage and who can get the fire started at the fireplace. (It is on scarce occasions that we have a lit fireplace).

He has taken on the heavy duty of getting three kids ready for school in the morning, and he's doing a perfect job at it!

Stella, a.k.a. "the dreamer".

STELLAShe's the "artist", she uses words like "inspiration", "design",and "create" and she's proud of it.

She's often accused of being too passionate and it's completely true. She passionately loves her family, her work and babywearing.

She's a night owl and there's nothing harder for her than waking up early. She cuts, sews and appliqués and, even though she doesn't know much about web design and web development, she has taken on the heavy duty of feeding the beast called www.babywearing.gr (which grows faster than our kids!).

Vassilis, Rhea, Eliana, a.k.a. "our asterakia"!

ASTERAKIAOfficial testers and models. They go on strikes whenever they don't feel like doing their job, but we can't fire them. They grew up in slings and they each have a sling they consider "their very own". They wear their "babies" in dolly slings and they consider babywearing the solution to every problem ("Baby cries? Put it in the sling! Baby won't nurse? Put it in the sling! Baby fell? Put it in the sling!") They'll walk for miles and they want to be held only when they want to be held.

Vasso, Kate and Neta, a.k.a. "the ladies".

KYRIESProfessional seamstresses who can still put up with Stella's perfectionism and who were willing to learn from scratch, despite their years of experience. Stella covets their overlockers and they feel lucky to stay away from appliques. They only work when we have many orders to prepare, so we know for sure that they wish our business well.




Asteraki slings is a family business, but above everything else, it's a family!

We'd love to meet you in person if your way brings you by, or if your schedule fits with our next babywearing meeting!


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