Ergobaby AURA Ελαστικός Μάρσιπος Wrap – Baby Blue


Being close to mom’s heartbeat calms a baby like nothing else. The Aura wrap is easy & ideal for beginners. Wrap on!

  • Easy to tie with guiding edge
  • Lightweight & Breathable
  • Supportive for Baby
  • One size fits most, petite to plus size friendly
  • 100% Viscose made from eucalyptus & acacia
  • 3,6kg to 11,3kg
  • Machine washable
  • Integrated pouch

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Like all elastic baby wraps, it can be tied in advance, and the baby can then be inserted into the wrap already tied to the body. This gives more peace of mind and safety. A practical centre marking and colour-coded contrasting seams on the Aura give you constant orientation during the tying process and makes it much easier to put on the wrap, as nothing can be accidentally twisted or swapped – a great feature for newcomers to baby carrying. Aura can be used from birth (3.6 kg) up to about one year (11.3 kg) for cuddly use.

Ergonomic comfort
Aura supports your baby in the ergonomic M-position and distributes the weight wonderfully over your back and hips. Breastfeeding while carrying your baby is also made easy and discreet with our Aura wrap.

Well thought-out features
Simplicity is not the only thing that makes this wrap the best wrap for newborns. Aura is made of viscose, a soft fabric that does not irritate your baby’s soft skin. Viscose is also a light, breathable fabric that keeps you and your baby cool while you cuddle close together. This baby carrier will be so comfortable for your little one that they will quickly find their new favourite place to sleep.
Our baby wrap is the perfect medium sized baby carrier made of soft and elastic, yet robust and supportive. Thanks to its length (490 cm) it adapts gently to any body shape. When your Aura is not in use, it can be easily transported in the integrated bag with carrying strap. What is there not to love about this wrap?