Kinder Ηop Multi Grow Carrier

Multi Grow Carrier by Kinder Hop for Asteraki Slings

Multi Grow Carrier grows with your baby. You can adjust panel width with a velcro fastening and fit the carrier to 3-4 months old babies, as well as to older 3-year-old children wearing up to 110 size (or weighing from 3.5kg up to 20kg).

It has an additional option of buckle fastening near baby’s bottom. Thanks to it, baby’s pelvis is tucked inside and their back is c-shaped – which is essential for the littlest babies and ensures their natural and safest position. It’s the perfect carrier for the whole babywearing period, great for everyday walks, as well as longer trips. Fully padded hip belt makes baby’s weight less noticeable, what’s more, the carrier is perfect for people suffering from spine problems. With soft shoulder straps filling and soft filling under baby’s knees. Ιncludes a hoodie detachable by snaps.

All carriers made with certified fabrics, and according to PN-EN European standards.

As is the case for all Asterakia, with guaranteed support! Following your order, we’ll send you videos with instructions and we’ll always be happy to help with anything you need, either for a face-to-face consultation, or via skype, viber, messenger for a live video-call consultation.

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