How Asteraki Ring Slings are made

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Asteraki ring slings are hand-sewn with care. They are carefully constructed, using double and triple stitches as needed, to ensure maximum comfort and safety. Your sling will be beautifully hemmed all around (it looks so much better than simply serging the edges!), and a reinfored, decorative stitch is used for the shoulder seam.

Shoulder style:

Στο μάρσιπο αγκαλιάς Αστεράκι θα βρείτε το πιο άνετο στυλ για το ράψιμο στον ώμοThe rings are sewn using “overlapping symmetrical pleats”, with permission by the inventor of this shoulder style, Jan Andrea, from We find this the most accommodating way, since you don’t need to adjust it in any way before putting the sling on, while the fabric spreads nicely on your back. In this way, you feel comfortable when wearing your sling, the weight is well-distributed and the fabric stays right on the ball of your shoulder, as it should.

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Κρίκοι (δαχτυλίδια) για μάρσιπο slingWe use aluminum rings imported directly from tested manufacturers in the US ( They are the safest rings, and they are made and tested exclusively for use in baby carriers, making sure that they have the endurance required. We carefully select the right size for the fabric used, ensuring the best adjustability, nice threading, ease of use, etc.. The rings are seamless and they come in many beautiful colors.

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Αστεράκι Sling

All Asteraki ring slings have an open “tail” (the part of the fabric after threading the rings). This provides more flexibility, as it allows you to adjust your sling exactly the way you want to. An open tail could also provide coverage when needed (from a bright sun, from indiscreet looks, for breastfeeding, or to put a cover on a sleeping baby). And if you don’t like a long tail, you may easily “hide” it temporarily between you and the baby, or wrap it around the rings. You may choose to have a pocket sewn on the tail, or use a different fabric as a tail accent.

(Note: In closed-tail slings, the fabric after the rings is sewn closed as a narrow strip/cord of fabric and it cannot be used to independently adjust each rail. However, with an Asteraki sling, each rail can be tightened or loosened separatelly, thanks to the open-tail attribute).

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Φυσικά υφάσματα, βαμβακερά, λινά ή μεταξωτάWe only select natural fabrics (cotton, linen, silk). We don’t use fabrics without the necessary endurance (like voile or thin calico fabrics) and we don’t use any fabrics with polyester, which makes them less “breathable” and might cause overheating for you and your baby.

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We have selected not to use padding for our Asteraki ring slings. Based on our experience and on collecting opinions from numerous babywearers, we find that padded ralis or shoulder don’t really offer more comfort for you or your baby. On the contrary, padding makes a sling too bulky (won’t fit in your purse or diaper bag) and too hot (especially in the summer)! Carefully chosen, soft and durable fabrics, as well as properly positioning your baby and your sling, will certainly offer the necessary support and comfort for both of you.

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Διπλής όψης μάρσιποι αγκαλιάςDouble-layered ring slings are carefully sewn in a way that makes them wearable on both sides. The seam that joins the two layers is nicely hidden in the rings, and both sides on the shoulder look equally attractive. (It’s not the same things as just sewing two fabrics together!) Important detail: for extra security, the fabric beneath the joining seam in the rings is reinforced with a second, continuous layer, ensuring that the seam doesn’t take more tension than it should.


Asteraki ring slings can be adjusted to the size that will snuggly hold your baby safe by using the rings. Your choice for a smaller or larger size only affects how short or how long you want the tail to be when you have your sling on. Unless otherwise selected, all Asteraki ring slings are sewn in Medium size (approximately 2 m long) so that the tail reaches neither too low or too high for most babywearers. You may prefer a Small size for your sling if you are petite, or a Large size if you are particularly large, or if you have a specific preference for the length of your sling’s tail.

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